Café Quindío


After two years of research in charge of the expansion and development area, Café Quindío ventures into the market of single doses (capsules) driven by a clear opportunity to address current consumer trends. These tendencies are outlined towards the consumption of environmentally friendly products, the interest for special coffees and the growth of the single-dose format, which currently represents 35% of the coffee consumption in the world.

Thanks to a rigorous process, where we mix tradition and technology, our capsules offer the perfect dose to prepare a coffee, they are also made with sugar cane base, which allows them to be 100% biodegradable and compostable in a period of time that does not exceed 12 weeks. This makes us unique in the category, our premise is to take care of the planet and, at the same time, offer the best aroma and flavor of a coffee that is elaborated by expert hands in the heart of Colombia.

To complete the development, with our production process we managed to ensure the freshness and quality of the product for a long time, allowing us to meet all the expectations generated by the new trends and managing to take our proposal successfully at a national and international level.

* All Café Quindío capsules contain 100% Colombian coffee and are compatible with Nespresso machines.